The Time Telling Fortress is home of the 1121st Platoon and located in the town of Seize, near the border of No Man's Land . Before the wars, it is evident the fortress was used as a school and a convent until both war and nature damaged a portion of the compound, which was abandoned by the local church and another church was built.


The gym, which was damaged, served as the hangar for Takemikazuchi tank until it was destroyed in Episode 12. Despite the damage, it is evident parts of the gym were used such as the cranes and lifts to move raise and lower the parts for the tank, enabling its refurbishment. It is possible the citizens of Seize are helping to rebuild the gym into a dedicated hangar for the Takemikazuchi.


The bridge is the alternative method of entering the fortress. It is evident that half of the bridge was destroyed by either war or nature. However, it is also evident that engineers rebuilt the bridge with reinforced steel frames.

Vegetable Garden

The vegetable garden was created by the 1121st Platoon to grow their own vegetables due to supply shortages and the fact the outpost is remote. To maintain friendly relations with the people of Seize, extra vegetables that are harvested are given to the to either Church to feed the orphans or to a local charity organization.

The interior was explored in episode 2. Apparently, the place used to be a large school that taught, among other, music, Japanese (The japanese Book)) and sports (basketball hoop, hurdles).

The fortress is mostly based on the former covent of Saint Paul (Convento de San Pablo), now a hotel (Parador de Cuenca) in the city of Cuenca, Spain. The clock tower is based on the Mangana Tower (Torre de Mangana) from the center of the city.

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