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Takemikazuchi's startup screen Warning: huge gif - opening it might slow down your toaster

Vector-Type Zero Autonomous Tank Walker: The Takemikazuchi


The Takemikazuchi, a relic from the past, is assigned to the 1121st Platoon. Its main armament is a recoiless railgun that is capable of penetrating the armor of all existing Helvetian conventional tanks. The Takemikazuchi was undergoing refurbishment throughout the series until Episode 11. Fortunately, the tank managed to survive despite sustaining multiple hits from Helvetian tanks on Colonel Hopkin's orders. The tank is seen in Episode 13 undergoing maintenance and repair.

System startup reads:

Good Morning, Brother.
Hello By Takemigaduchi Navi System.


  • Normal Mode
  • Practice Mode (as seen in episode 5)
  • Stealth Mode
  • Setting Mode
  • Sound Mode
  • Sleep


  • Main armament (main gun): Fires for example HE (high explosive) and AP (armor piercing) shells
  • Chaff projectiles (10)
  • Smoke grenades (10)
  • Missile-1 (10) (but the pods have 13 missiles each)
  • Missile-2 (10)
  • Machine gun (400) (mounted on the top of the turret, over the loader position)

The tank can also fire and retrieve an anchor wire as seen in episode 9. The targeting was done with the help of several laser beams (laser sights). Has also two headlights in the front.

There are five seats with projected displays for the five crew members: driver (front left), gunner (front right), commander (middle, left), loader (middle, right), communication (back center). It can be operated with fewer persons. According to Sora no Woto: Otome no Gojuusou, it seems that at least two people are required to move it.

The engine state has three identical scales on the display, perhaps for three independent systems or engines.

During a simulation, the crew used trumpet signals to communicate with other units. The tank has an intercom system used between crew members (Filicia explains to Kanata that phones are similar to this system in episode 7), and an external audio system that can play music.

The Takemikazuchi is an advanced tank. Its armor and design enables its crew a high degree of survivability evidenced by sustaining multiple hits from several Helvetian conventional tanks. After the Rome and Helvetia signed the peace treaty, the Takemikazuchi was seen outside the fortress undergoing repairs. It also served as the generator to power Rio's hot air balloon.


  • Is a relic from the past, less than 10 left in their country.
  • Missing parts, missing manual, mystery technology.
  • Main body still works.
  • Can messure temperature and weather e.g. (27,3 C Cloudy)
  • Can function as a sniper


  • possibly the spider from the legend?
  • Cannon works as a recoiless railgun?
  • The kind of energy it uses can be stored for prolonged periods without leak, or it can produce it's own energy
  • Has many secrets sleeping in it (maybe "culture" from the past? music, movies, newspapers and stuff in it's hard drive)
  • The metal plates on the sides of the turret resemble Schürzen on a Pz. IV, keeping to the trend of German-looking tanks used by Helvetia.



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