The walkthrough of the game. Mostly adapted from the japanese walkthrough

Performance skills and true endingEdit

To get the true ending, you have to level up all five maidens of the fortress up to level 3. 

The game starts with Rio at level 3, Kanata at level 2 and everyone else at level 1. When you complete a playthrough and start a new game, you can choose to retain the performance skills from the last playthrough. The choices are sometimes trial-and-error, so here's a nice chart of what choices lead to what changes in performance skills. Blank choice means that the change will happen independent of the choice, "-//-" means it's a continuation of the choice above.

Day / Character

Choice Level change
Day 2
Noel Noel +1
Filicia Filicia +1
Kanata Kanata +1
Go the the hangar Rio -1
Kureha Kureha +1
Rio Kanata +1
Instinctively run Rio -1
Day 3
Noel Continue sleeping Noel -1
Filicia Display captain's dignity Filicia +1
Kanata Return to the fortress Filicia +1
Kureha Clean up the hangar Kureha -1
Clean up everything Kureha -1
Rio Stage, maybe Filicia +1
Day 5



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