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WARNING: This wiki contains unmarked spoilers. It is highly recommended to watch the anime before reading.

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The story follows cute European teenage girls wearing Wehrmacht uniforms, exploring a school in a town full of people who make glassware on Sweden's border.

Other contents and links

Downloads - Mediafire Folder

  • Games
    • Noel - Witch of Helvetia - backup
    • The visual novel, Sora no Woto Otome no Gojuusou
    • VN's background music
  • Manga
    • First scanlated chapter of the manga
    • Raws of chapters 1 to 7
  • Transcriptions
    • Amazing Grace Transcribed by Lawrell & steenuil - Transcriber's version went missing.
    • Après la Pluie, le Beau Temps
  • First episode's japanese subs - For the Sora no Wobros who are learning moonrunes
  • The Wikia trailer - backup
  • Stay Frosty Oscar Mike - Soramirez Do Everything - backup

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Trailer and speculation charts

Sora No Woto Wiki unofficial trailer01:26

Sora No Woto Wiki unofficial trailer

Unofficial Wiki Trailer

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