饗宴・砦ノ戦争 - Feast: The Fortress at War
Season 1, Episode 7.5
Air date June 23, 2010 (OVA)
Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Directed by Takahiko Kyōgoku
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Rio, Filicia and Kureha have trouble keeping their illegal alcohol distillery a secret from both Kanata and Yumina. After giving everyone a special brew of tea, spiked with their home-made alcohol, Filicia suggests a mock battle using water guns that, if Kanata's team wins, she would be told the truth. Having gotten a little drunk from the alcohol, everyone gets a bit too into character. Kanata's team gets the upper hand when Noël brings out a Gatling gun, taking down Filicia in the process. However, they soon run out of ammo and Noël and Yumina get knocked out. Kanata eventually stumbles upon the secret distillery and comes up against Rio and defeats her. After recovering from the battle, Kanata promises to keep the distillery a secret, before spending the night with everyone getting drunk. Kureha, being the only one who could not get drunk, is left to recall the horrors the others subjected her to.


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