隊ノ一日・梨旺走ル - The Squad's Day: Rio Runs
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 18 January 2010
Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Directed by Riki Fukushima
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As the others go to pick up some supplies, Kanata spends the afternoon training with Rio. Just then, Kanata comes down with a fever, reminding Rio of when her mother fell ill. Out of medicine, Rio gets help from a priestess named Yumina, who diagnoses her with malaria and treats her. When Kanata wakes up, she explains she was overworking herself since she felt useless. She also mentions to Rio that she always wanted to play 'Amazing Grace', having heard it from a trumpeter she met when she was little. Rio then, starting the tank, plays Amazing Grace from the control panel, explaining that a squad, much like a song, is composed of many different parts.


The drink that Yumina gave Kanata is called Artemisia annua tea , and is often used to treat fevers, particularly malaria.

New CharactersEdit



"It sounds like something that might wake the dead"

-Old grandma on Kanatas trumpet play[[File:|thumb]]

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