初陣・椅子ノ話 - First Battle: The Story of a Chair
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 11 January 2010
Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Directed by Takayuki Tanaka
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Kanata goes down to breakfast and is introduced to the other members of the 1121st Platoon: Felicia Heideman, Noel Kannagi and Kureha Suminoya. Kureha is asked to give Kanata a tour of the fortress, showing some hostility towards the rookie. Later that night Noel and Kanata claim they saw a ghost in the barracks, so Kanata and Kureha are sent to investigate. They learn the place used to be a school that also taught music. Kureha laments that their platoon is in the middle of nowhere and is generally ignored. The two are then ambushed by an owl, the same owl that stole Rio's bell the other day, but with Kureha's help they manage to capture it. They decide to keep it and name it Shuko.


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New CharactersEdit

The Owl (Shuko) was given a name.

Owls in MythologyEdit

Japan: The Owl is revered as a messenger of the gods or a divine ancestor. The Screech Owl warns against danger. They would nail wooden images of owls to their houses in times of famine or pestilence.

Middle East: The Owl represents the souls of people who have died un-avenged.

France: When a pregnant woman hears an Owl it is an omen that her child will be a girl.

Spain: Legend has it that the Owl was once the sweetest of singers, until it saw Jesus crucified.


Unanswered QuestionsEdit

In ep02, Felicia recounts to Rio that Kureha came to her and complained that Felicia had said the new recruit, (Kanata), would be a loader or a pilot. Felicia gives the excuse that Headquarters assigns personnel, and that they can't always get what they want. Felicia then calms down Kureha by telling her that Rio and herself will take care of things like always.

At this point Felicia's recount to Rio ends, and Felicia says to Rio, "She is young, but she has good intuition. She might already know" (different translations of this part exist). Rio then says that they will have to do something about this.

This raises questions that Felicia and Rio might know about something big, something pertaining to why a person such as Kanata was sent to them. What ever they may know, they do not wish to share with Kureha.

Lets also not forget that Rio stared at her bell pendant when she said "We might have to do something about it." Maybe it has something to do with its previous owner, who also happened to be in an armored platoon (judging by the pink badge on her collar)?


Kanata: "Good Morning!"

Kureha: "You really suck!"