Seize (french, sixteen) is a town in the province of Trois (french, three) in Helvetia. So Ra No Wo To is set here. Seize is know as the town of lakes and glass.

The town is based on the city of Cuenca and the town of Alarcón, both from Castilla La Mancha (Spain)

Notable buildingsEdit


Hanging House


Produced a significant amount of military lenses and glassware during the war.

Organized crime, which seems to focus on sale and distribution of illigally brewed alcohol as a main source of income to replace the lost of income from the decrease in manufacture of military lenses.


When Kanata first arrives, she calls Seize the "City of Springs and Glass." It's probably prospered because of the silica deposits and glass manufacturing, which were needed during the war. What springs have to do with it hasn't even been hinted at yet (apparently it refers to water springs, not seasons), but with the emphasis on the Time-Keeping Fortress and playing reveille every morning, Seize might also be known for clocks.

A dam


Another translation calls it the "City of Lakes and Glass" were lakes is probably because of the apparent man-made lake in the back of the fortress.

As an aside, symbolism. Seize is the City of Glass. Light is reflected, distorted, manipulated when it hits it. It can be clear or opaque, sharp or blunt; it can cast a rainbow; it can be crafted into art or weapons of war. The importance of glass in So Ra No Wo To reflects the theme of the series, that how you see it depends on the light you, the viewer, cast upon it.

Comparison between the city of Cuenca and SeizeEdit

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