Rio Kazumiya Arkadia
Rio in episode 7
Japanese name 和宮 梨旺 アルカディア
First appearance Episode 1
Voiced by Yuu Kobayashi
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 168 cm
Rank Sergeant Major (曹長)
Nationality Helvetian


  • The sergeant major of the squadron and Kanata's bugler instructor who plays the trumpet.
  • Was given a bell by her father. A bell and a trumpet are also seen with Princess Iliya.
  • Her mother died in front of her due to a sickness.
  • In ep07, she prays for her mother and sister after placing a lantern during the Obon festival
    • Priest is shocked at the sight of Rio practicing the festival
      • Ep03 showed signs that Rio did not get along with the people at the church in the past, so he might be shocked to see her active at a church event
  • Half-sister of Princess Iria
  • Her father is Archduke Arkadia
  • 2nd in line to the throne of Helvetia
  • In episode 12, she calls herself Rio Kazumiya Arkadia, adding the name of her father.
  • At the end of episode 12, she is promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. Her promotion is most likely for political reasons as everyone who is royalty is usually a commissioned officer. However, she still remains as the second-in-command of the 1121st Platoon.
  • Her mother may have died of malaria
  • She is not a really a great cook
  • Her mother loved the calvados from Seize, which was most likely brewed by the unit stationed there.