Iliya Arkadia
The princess playing a trumpet (for Kanata?)
Japanese name イリア・アルカディア
First appearance Episode 1
Voiced by Ryouko Ono
Nicknames Grace, or "The Blonde"
Gender Female
Nationality Helvetian


  • Seen with trumpet and bell that are very much like the trumpet and bell seen with Rio.
  • Taught Rio how to play the trumpet.
  • Seen with Kanata as a child.
  • Inspired Kanata to learn to play the trumpet after playing Amazing Grace.
  • Drowned trying to save a child 2 years prior to the story.
  • It was rumored she was supposed to be bethrothed to the Roman Emperor in order to end the war between Rome and Helvetia.
  • If she married to the Emperor, she would have been the Emperor's third wife.
  • Half-sister of Rio (same father, different mother).
  • First daughter of Archduke Arkadia.


  • Rio uses her trumpet.
  • Her name might be engraved in the observation post the girls get to in ep5.
  • Might be The Ghost.


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