In episode 3, two omikuji (strips of paper with a fortune, normally sold in shinto and buddhist shrines in Japan, but actually found inside of fortune cookies in the anime) are shown.

Rio's omikujiEdit


Rio's omikuji

The kanji shown are for worst luck (大凶 dai kyō) and are translated in French as Atrocité (Atrociousness). The rest of the text is also in French:


Vœu: Soyez tranquille, vos prières seront exaucées

Affaires: À être pressé, vous passez à côté de choses importantes

Études: Étudiez mathématiques et langues étrangères

Différend: Attendez que l’orage passe

Amour: Vous manquez de modestie et cela [...]te

Demande en mariage: Vous ne trouverez pas de terrain [...] Vous (probably)

vous opposez à vos parents

Maladie: [...]choix de docteur n'est pas [...]

which translates as the following:

Atrociousness (furenchi for terribly bad luck)

Wish: Rest assured, your prayers will be fulfilled

Business: Being too pressed makes you miss out on important things

Studies: Study mathematics and foreign languages

Dispute: "Wait for the storm to pass" (= Ride out the storm)

Love: You are lacking in modesty and that [...]

Marriage proposal: You will not find a ground [...]

You oppose to your parents

Sickness: [...] choice of physician is not [...]

Felicia's omikujiEdit

-HorribleSubs- Sora no woto - 03 -720p-.mkv snapshot 05.39 -2010.01.18 23.51.34-

Felicia's omikuji

There is also another omikuji, drawn by Felicia:

Gronde (Grande) bonne chance.

Vœu: Votre rêve s'exauce mais les débuts sont difficiles

Affaires: C'est adapté à la production. Vous devez faire des efforts

Etudes: Étudiez en confiance

Différend: Déléguez

Amour: Répondez honnétement

Demande en mariage: Les débuts sont difficiles mais [...] prometteur

Maladie: Vous pouvez vous confier à [...]

Which translate to:

Very Lucky

Wish: Your dream will be fullfiled, but the start will be harsh

Business: it's adapted to production (?, possibly meaning "it's a good time for production / manufacturing") You have to make some efforts

Studies: study in confidence

Dispute: delegate

Love: answer honestly

Weddind proposal: Start will be harsh but [...] ("results will be" probably) promising

Sickness: you can confess to [...]

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