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Holographic Kanji

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Nocturn type observation devices placed on the south side of Seize (the border between Seize and no man's land). They are a complete black box for them, it's impossible to disassemble them.

When Kanata touched the first one in episode 05, Holographic Kanji appeared in front of her:

  • 音 - Sound
  • 羽 - Feather / Counter for birds
  • 葉 - Leaf
  • 水 - Water
  • 白 - White
  • 碧 - Jade / Green
  • 鳥 - Bird
  • 山 - Mountain
  • 世 - World / Era
  • 空 - Sky / Empty
  • 靜 - Quiet
  • 色 - Colour / Passion
  • 果 - Fruit
  • 文 - Word / Sentence

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