The Maidens of FireEdit


A long time ago, long before the world turned out this way a winged demon lived at the bottom of this town's valley.

The demon spit fire, shook the earth, and caused the people suffering.

Finally, it carried off the Maidens that lived in the fortress, and held them in an underground labyrinth.

But the Maidens lost no heart.

Calling on each other with golden horns, granted to them by an angel, they escaped the labyrinth.

With the aid of a giant spider, they defeated the demon and took its head.

When they did, an intense fire sprung from its head.

If left alone, the town above would burn to the ground.

To keep the springing fire from the town, the Maidens, each in turn, held the head of the demon.

Every day the townspeople cast water upon the flaming head and upon the Maidens.

After one year, the fire had gone.

Since then, to console the spirits of the Maidens who saved the town, they have celebrated the Water-Casting Festival.

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