Kyrie Kuon
Page with some stuff about Kyrie and the VN.
Japanese name 九音 綺莉重
First appearance VN exclusive
Voiced by Marina Inoue
Nicknames The Brown girl in the VN
Gender Female
Age 19
Rank Civilian in military employ
Nationality Helvetian

Kyrie Kuon is a character exclusive to the Visual Novel.


  • Is brown.
  • Likes to tickle the wotos.
  • Thinks kissing people is a normal greeting.
  • Comes from a well-known aristocratic family.
  • A civilian in military employ.
  • Is a curator of the relic excavation division, spends a lot of time raiding historical ruins, likely brought Klaus along on more than one occasion.
  • Has a bad habit of sneaking into people's homes, using a flimsy excuse that goes like "when I sneak into the ruins, nobody seems to mind, how's that any different".
  • Has a serious case of kleptomania. Would have been kicked out of the army because of that, but she's still there thanks to the support of her family.
  • Her specific job of choice is restoration of old and forgotten songs, but all of her coworkers specialize in digging out ancient weaponry.


  • There's a possibility that she's an elongated naturally occurring ridge or artificially constructed fill or wall, which regulates water levels.

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