The Desert Wolf
Japanese name クラウス
First appearance Episode 1
Voiced by Ishizuka Unsho
Nicknames Miracle Klaus
Gender Male
Age 51
Rank Major
Nationality Helvetian


  • Kureha thinks he is Klaus the Desert Wolf, famous tanker. (see ep. 9 for more)
  • Despite not being the Desert Wolf, he still shows acts of courage.
  • Likes sun-tanning.
  • Rides a Zundapp KS750 motorbike as a courier.


  • Due to the light blue tag on his collar, he is assigned to the Troop Transport platoon.
  • As a senior officer, something must have occured during his military carrer for him to be assigned troop transport and courier duties.
    • Quintet of Maidens heavily implies that he only got his Major rank because he's friends with Kyrie Kuon, who has connections due to her aristocratic heritage.
  • Probably knows about the bootlegging operation and looks the other way.
  • The Desert Wolf might be a reference to The Desert Fox, Field Marshall Erwin Rommel


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