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Kanata Sorami
Kanata and her trumpet in episode 3
Japanese name 空深 彼方
First appearance Episode 1
Voiced by Kanemoto Hisako
Gender Female
Age 15[1]
Height 157 cm
Rank Private (二等兵)
Nationality Helvetian
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  • A young girl who joins the army as a bugler, and is always carrying a bugle with her. She has absolute pitch in regards to identifying musical notes.
  • Despite her being clumsy she always does her best to accomplish things.
  • By episode 4, her bugling ability has increased greatly.
  • Sent in to be 5th platoon member as the loader, backup bugler, and a medic
  • She is the child seen in the flashback of the start of episode 01.
  • Joined the army to learn to play the trumpet influenced by Princess Illya.
  • Developed to have some cooking skills
  • Observes Obon, a Japanese tradition held in the summer.
  • A self-proclaimed "good-for-nothing."
  • Sleeps in futon
  • Her family is composed by her father, mother, grandmother, grandfather from both her parents and her great-grandma. Two of her grandparents live in a city named Waren. They are all mentioned in episode 6, when she decides to buy presents for all of them.
    • In episode 6 among her familiars she mentions "Grandma Nanae next door".


  • Might have been sent in to replace a possible past 5th member.
  • Might have been lead by the owl (see Shuko )
  • Kanata seems to blow her horn at just the right moment of a ritual to ead the town to exclaim that the demon may have re-awakened. This might be foreshadowing. She does this after finding a large headless skeleton.
  • The Kanji for Kanata's name(彼方)mean "the other side", possibly related to speculation that the supposed enemy resides on the other side of No Man's Land .
  • She can write her name in Kanji, but can't read Kanji at all.
  • Two of her grandparents live in a city named Waren, probably after the homonymous city in the north-east of Germany.
    • Since Kanata said that her two grandparents lived in Waren, that could have meant that she didn't live there before.
    • In episode 6, she also mentions one of her neighbours, addressing her "Grandma"; this might mean that neither her grandparents nor her great-grandmother lived in the same house as her.


  • On 2chan Kanata is often associated with Ohana Matsumae from Hanasaku Iroha, because of their similiar personalities and same character designer, Kanami Sekiguchi.



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