Check list

Noels check list

In episode 4, a grocery list is shown as Noel cross it off when they restock on supplies:

Un pansement/une boîte: Bandage/one box

Savon/une boîte: Soap/one box

Un drap/une boîte: Sheets(probably for bed or windows)/one box

Corde Serviette/ 10 metres: Rope to hang clothing to dry/10 meters

Rouleau de papier-toilette/4 douzaines: Toilet paper/4 dozens (48 rolls)

Une serviette/une boîte: Napkins/one box

Une plaque/une boîte: plates (to replace the one broken at the end of episode 2) /one box

Un anti-febrile/une boîte: Anti-fever, (fever medicine that was needed in episode 3 to cure Kanata)/one box