New Canvas
Japanese name 空深 彼方
First appearance Episode 7
Gender male


  • Filicia called him an old era soldier.
  • Seen in Episode 07.
  • Dead Soldier from the past Filicia found in a Subway Station after her Platoon was wiped out.
  • Left a letter for his family.
  • The Soldier talked to Filicia (whether it is unknown if she was hallucinating or if it was a ghost).
  • Fought besides black Takemikazuchi-like Spidertanks against an enemy that was not shown directly, however the reflection was visible and it appeared to be some sort of large bird.
  • Used a Howa Type 89 in the past.
  • He let some final words, but Felicia wasn´t able to read it. 
    New Canujkukvas


 *May be a ghost

  • his name might have been Dupont, as Filicia wrote it on the lantern.
    • I thought she said, "and to an unknown soldier"?.
    • The lantern explicitly read "et quelque chose comme Dupont," which means "and something like Dupont." She probably saw the soldier's name on his ID tags or something, but it wasn't completely legible -- "Dupont" was probably what Filicia guessed from what portion of the name she could read.
  • Nihilist.
  • Possibly indicative of the series' timeplace considering his weaponry (Apocalyptic event happened at the earliest 1989, the year the Type 89 was introduced. Given the Takemikazuchi and holographic characters found by Kanata, it is more likely the event happened in the fist half of the 21st century).

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