Aisha Ardora
Aisha looking suspicious
Voiced by Nami Miyahara
Nicknames Brown Girl
Gender Female
Rank Master Sergeant
Nationality Roman


  • Plays the bugle as mentioned in a letter to Noël at the end of episode 12
  • Tells a different legend of the Flame Maidens.
  • Forgives Noël for her role in recreating the Invisible Reaper despite having been present when Noel was dubbed the Witch of Helvetia for her brutal actions that destroyed several Roman battalions.
  • Was to be used by Colonel Hopkins to justify continuing an offensive campaign against Rome.
  • Proficient in playing the bugle
  • Says she is in a Panzer Division, i.e. a tank division serving under the Roman army.
  • Says her ID number (Serial Number) is 1031031 (said in german as "Meine ID-Nummer ist Eins Null Drei Eins Null Drei Eins.")


  • Defected Rome in order to come live at her grandmother's birth land.
  • Survived the Invisible Reaper, but most likely lost friends and family to the Invisible Reaper.
  • Spy sent to kill Rio

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