Aisha Ardora
Aisha looking suspicious
Voiced by Nami Miyahara
Nicknames Brown Girl
Gender Female
Rank Master Sergeant
Nationality Roman


  • Plays the bugle as mentioned in a letter to Noël at the end of episode 12
  • Tells a different legend of the Flame Maidens.
  • Forgives Noël for her role in recreating the Invisible Reaper.
  • Was to be used by Colonel Hopkins to justify continuing an offensive campaign against Rome.
  • Proficient in playing the bugle
  • Says she is in a Panzer Division - so she is part of a tank crew
  • Says her ID number (Serial Number) is 1031031 (said in german as "Meine ID-Nummer ist Eins Null Drei Eins Null Drei Eins.")


  • Defected Rome in order to come live at her grandmother's birth land.
  • Survived the Invisible Reaper, but most likely lost friends and family to the Invisible Reaper
  • Spy sent to kill Rio

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